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XM Divas

Oct 12, 2018

Who says pregnancy and opera don't mix? In this episode, the Divas talk to two performing mommies-to-be in Kathryn Lewek and Melinda Whittington while Megan reveals a pregnancy of her own.

(1:59) Megan talks about finding out about being pregnant during Rigoletto

(5:01) Megan welcomes our guests, Kathryn Lewek and Melinda Whittington

(6:35) Katie talks about being the first pregnant Queen of the Night

(10:21) Megan introduces Melinda, her performances and her pregnancy

(15:38) Megan asks about the changes Katie experienced in her voice when she was carrying

(19:01) The ladies talk about the potential of pumping during a performance

(25:22) Xela talks about some of the breathing techniques singers can use depending on how they're carrying

(31:05) Katie talks about how the baby's movements affect her singing

(35:40) Megan asks the ladies what their go-to pregnancy food is

(38:50) Xela gives an update as to where all the ladies are with their pregnancies

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